Frequently Answered Questions ,

- How can I move my funds from one account to other ?
Just enter the amount you wish to receive, check Terms Agreement, and send. Transfers must be
made from the account which you have funds available, to receive on other.
- Is there anything else do I have to do ?
For your convenience you can register same e-mail for both accounts.
- How soon is a payment processed ?
Payments are cleared on next business day. However, please keep in mind it may take up to 5 business
days depending on workload.
- How much is the service fee ?
Service fee is 7.90 percent, Fee will be added to your total send amount.
- Is service fee negotiable ?
It is not. Fee is calculated %7.90 below $500.00, %6.90 from $500.00 to $699,993.00
Maximum allowed move amount is $699,993.00
- Which currencies do you accept ?
Only US Dollars.
- I want to cancel the move, What can I do ?
Move order is irreversible.

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